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6494-64How to Install an iPhone Application Using Mobile AppStore
Saturday, 12th July 2008, 09:07 pm
These are instructions on how to install an iPhone application using Mobile AppStore. This example installs Facebook.

These are instructions on how to install an iPhone application using Mobile AppStore. This example will show you how to install the Facebook directly from your iPhone without using iTunes.
You must be on the iPhone 2.0 firmware to continue.
Step One
Press to launch App Store from your Springboard.
Step Two
You will be presented with featured iPhone applications you can download and install.
Step Three
Notice the tabs along the bottom of the window. You can use these tabs to locate applications of your choice.
Press the Categories tab to browse applications by their respective category.
Press the Top 25 tab to view the top 25 applications either Paid or Free.
Press the Search tab to search for the application of your choice.
Press the Update button search for updates to your currently installed applications.
Step Four
Lets use the Search tab to locate the Facebook application. Enter Facebook into the search field.
Then press to select the application name from the list of results.
Step Five
You will be presented with a description of the application and a screenshot.
Scroll down to view more information and click the Reviews button to see what others think of this application.
Press the Info button at the top left to return to the description.
Step Six
Press the FREE button to obtain this application.
Notice the button now changes to a green INSTALL button. Press this button to install the application.
Step Seven
A popup will appear asking you to enter in your iTunes account password. Do this then press the large OK button.
Step Eight
You will be returned to your Springboard where you will see a dimmed icon with an install status bar overlaid.
Once installation has finished successfully the icon will become active.
Press the Facebook icon to launch the application.
Step Nine
The next time you connect your iPhone to iTunes it will detect that you have installed a new application. It will ask you if you want to transfer this application to iTunes. Click the Transfer button.
Step Ten
Apple will now ask if you want to transfer them diagnostic information. Click the Don’t Send or Send to Apple button.
Step Eleven
Your iPhone will then sync to iTunes. If you select Applications from the menu list on the left you can now see that your application (Facebook) is synced.

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