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iphone-64Access Mac Files Through Your iPhone Using FarFinder
Monday, 14th April 2008, 12:04 am
Instructions on how to access your Mac files through your iPhone using FarFinder.

These are instructions on how to access your Mac’s files through your iPhone using FarFinder. FarFinder has a free trial period; however, after that has expired you must register.
Step One
Download FarFinder to your desktop from here
Step Two
Double click the downloaded FarFinder.dmg on your desktop to mount the dmg.
Step Three
Drag the FarFinder application into your Applications folder. Then double click the FarFinder icon to start the install process.
Step Four
If prompted to confirm the opening of FarFinder click the Open button.
Step Five
Click the Install button to begin installation.
Step Six
You will be asked for an administrator password. Enter it then click the OK button.
Step Seven
Click the Continue button to proceed.
Step Eight
Check the Create a Find Me address box. Enter a username and password for your new FarFinder account. Then click the Continue button.
Step Nine
FarFinder will inform you that you must change your energy settings to stop the computer from going to sleep.
Click the Open Energy Saver… button. Slide the Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for bar to Never.
Close the Energy Saver window then click the Continue button.
Step Ten
You will now be asked to enter your email settings. Enter the email addresses you would like to send files to. Enter the settings for your SMTP server then click the Continue button.
Step Eleven
Click Continue when informed that your installation has finished.
Step Twelve
If asked to confirm your administrator password, enter it then click the OK button.
Step Thirteen
FarFinder will now start. If the Enabled box isn’t checked then check it. FarFinder will then configure your router and make your Mac’s content available online.
NOTE***: If FarFinder prompts you that it is unable to configure your router then you must do a manual port forward. To learn how to port forward your Apple Extreme Base you can follow the tutorial located here. You must forward the external port 443 to the internal port 8889.
Step Fourteen
On your iPhone push to select Safari from the SpringBoard.
Step Fifteen
Enter your FarFinder address into the address bar and push the Go button. Your
FarFinder address is of this format: http://findme.flyingmac.com/username
Step Sixteen
Enter the username and password for YOUR MAC and press the Login[/] button.
Step Seventeen
You will now be taken to your files!!!!
You can navigate through pictures…
You can also email files to yourself

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